Is parking on the pavement ok?

There’s been discussion recently in local forums about the acceptability – or otherwise – of parking on the pavement.  Clearly, it’s an unacceptable practice.  Except, sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be much of an option.


Take this recent situation outside the Cambridge Hotel.  A transporter off-loading an elevating platform.  How else could this have been done except by parking on the pavement?  Would bringing a lane of the A30 to a halt have been a better alternative?



6 thoughts on “Is parking on the pavement ok?

  1. The problem is not just a vehicle taking up space on a pavement. The pavements are not built to take the weight of heavy vehicles and if this was a very heavy lorry, it could have caused damage that the council (we) would have to pay for.

  2. The problem did not stop there! The platform vehicle was left unused on the pavement all weekend. With a single cone outside the vehicle, it would have caused a big problem for anyone with a white stick to negotiate. As with most drivers who park on the pavement, who cares about disabled people or women with push chairs. All that matters is getting a parking space, whoever might be inconvenienced.

  3. The corner of Kings Ride/College Ride is particularly bad for wheelchair and pushchair users. Cars are parked on the pavement right on the corner leaving only a foot of space between the car and the hedge. so the owners can walk into town without paying parking charges.

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