Oh to live in Bracknell!


What is there to say?  Whilst Camberley’s leaders spouted about becoming a ‘Top 100 retail town’, our neighbours just got on with it.  What they’re doing might not the RIGHT thing – the future of retail is too uncertain for that.  But doing nothing for years and years is sure to be WRONG.


Just after we’d written our frustrated comments above, a rather smart leaflet dropped onto our doormat.  It describes and advertises Bracknell’s Lexicon – the self-same regeneration that’s shown in our photo above.  We anticipate that lots of Camberley shoppers will head there, once the development is completed next Spring.  This will alleviate any pressure on parking spaces in Camberley, but we doubt that it’s good news for our town otherwise.



7 thoughts on “Oh to live in Bracknell!

  1. As a retailer I have many shoppers come in from Bracknell but I’m anticipating they will desert Camberley once their town is modernised with great shops.
    Camberley is dying and the proof is in the downturn in shoppers particularly over the last 2 months.
    Fortunately my lease comes up for renewal early 2018 so I’ll be able to eixt the town if my worst fears come true- maybe open a store in Bracknell .
    Plan A for Camberley has gone ( if it ever realy existed ) and there’s no plan B – wake up SHBC ,your town is dying right under your noses …and with less shops there will be less business rates and less money for you to squander !

    • A year ago, the council was told “in order to progress the Camberley town centre scheme an independent business case and options appraisal needs to be procured. This will assist the Council to understand the range of investment options, the level of investment risk, the scale and assembly of the financial package and the implementation timescale.” Which rather suggests that there was no robust Plan A at the time, let alone a Plan B.

    • I suspect they’re largely unrelated, Gemma. The council’s chief executive has certainly said that the renovation is the ‘next step’ in the regeneration (or something like that), but I have a feeling that we’re still some way away from having a firm plan for the London Road Block, or even part of it. I’ve no idea what the actual circumstances are, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Mall owners don’t expand their premises beyond the current buildings.

  2. Positive spin.
    Camberley Village Green Campaign. Picture in earlier blog.

    CVGC a dramatic change.

    SHBC please wake up and overtake Bracknell, Woking, Farnborough
    Camberley becomes trend setter not listed ugly town blot.

    London Road block and Northern Service Yard removed !
    Close the High Street and pave it.
    Pedestrian only Town Centre above ground.

    Hide the cars and service yard trucks beneath the Camberley Green [parkland setting]
    Dedicated Access via A30 West from the Meadows. Request slice of land from MoD.

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