Holiday Autos as you’ve not seen it before

A couple of weeks ago we met some very friendly people from Wates in their offices.  Wates, of course, is building the new care home on the former Holiday Autos site.  We learned a lot about Wates’ support for local communities, and about their plans to help good causes in Camberley.


We happily accepted an offer to keep the Eye updated periodically as the site work progresses.  This is the first in what we hope will be a series of photographs up to completion of the project next May.  Wates has written: The ground floor slab of Camberley’s new luxury care home for Signature is now complete and the columns and walls of the superstructure are underway. We will keep you updated, but for now here’s a shot from inside the site as the works are being installed.”


6 thoughts on “Holiday Autos as you’ve not seen it before

    • Yes, one of my main complaints about the borough council is that it rarely tells residents what it’s is doing. So we (I, at least) suspect that things may not be going well. Which upsets at least one councillor….

  1. Well done Wates for sharing the information with you (and with us). Wouldn’t it be interesting if they were to take a series of photos of the town from the top of the crane.

    • Keep your fingers crossed, Paul. It’s up to Wates to decide what to provide, of course, but I’ll pass your suggestion on. The photo has now reached something like 1500 people on Facebook, so there’s been quite a lot of interest in it.

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