Camberley could look like this…

Mike has sent us this photo:

Camberley Village green (002)b

Mike suggests that the ‘London Road Block’ be cleared totally, and the space converted into an attractive scene like the one in his photo.  He makes the point that the area would be one with plenty of light, grass, trees and a water feature.  It would have clean open sight lines toward the north [RMA site] and east toward Knoll Road.  It would be safe with no cars.  In other words, a delightful and low cost Plan B (a realistic alternative to the council’s over-ambitious scheme) for the next fifteen years.

Why not, indeed, Mike.  But is the council listening?


8 thoughts on “Camberley could look like this…

  1. This picture is Norton Green I used to live on the Green No 22 on Stockton on Tess what a fabulous choice how it bring back so many memories

    Robert Jaffray

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  2. Camberley Village Green Campaign. CVGC

    Government guidelines to provide new green infrastructure by:
     Requiring pocket parks on development sites of 50 dwellings or more to a standard of 1.5ha per 1,000 population;

    Worked example : on-site open space provision for a proposed development is composed of 34 one-bed units, 12 two-bed units and 8 three-bed units. To calculate the potential number of occupants, the number of each type of dwelling is multiplied by the average household size for that type i.e: (34 x 1.39) + (12 x 1.85) + (8 x 2.46) = 89.14 1.5 hectare of open space should be provided per 1000 residents. This equates to 15 m 2 per person.

    To calculate area of open space to be provided, the number of prospective residents is multiplied by that figure of 15, i.e: 89.14 x 15 = 1337.1 Development should provide 1337.1 m 2 of open space.

    Camberley has become a dormitory town, with an additional >1000 homes in the town centre.
    Question to SHBC. Where is our new accessible 1.5ha open space. CVG would benefit all.

    • Mike, I’ve no wish to fight the council’s corner! But might the council not respond that it already has to provide at least 8ha of SANGS per 1000 new residents? OK, by definition, SANGS is rough open space, not a village green, but 8ha exceeds the guideline you quote.

  3. When we moved to Camberley some twenty five years ago, an old friend came to visit. She admired our local environment, saying that she was very surprised that it was so pleasant, having driven through the town on the A30 many times…..

    • I know, Helen, the council knows, Helen. The only fly in the ointment is that the council is so lethargic in doing anything about it. It’s put all its eggs into a Plan A basket, and keeping quiet about whether it has a decent Plan B.

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