New cafe in The Mall

There’s been some debate about the effect of the proposed new cafe in The Square (once known as Main Square) on the small sales units that currently occupy the space.

Town square cafe

As usually the case, we have no ‘confidential’ information, but it seems to us that the cafe – and it will be a cafe rather than a restaurant – will still leave plenty of room for small traders.  This ‘sketch’ is taken from the planning application.  Since the application is quite detailed, it seems reasonable to assume that the sketch is accurate.


12 thoughts on “New cafe in The Mall

  1. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGH!!! These dumb ass owners of the Mall are driving me mad! They already had a fully functional cafe right in the Square (the gone but not forgotten Giardiano’s). Why bother removing that Mezzanine to supposedly create space, and then fill the space created with the same thing. Only difference now is the cafe will be ground level, so people will need to walk around it rather than diagonally. In other news, they will be losing their event space for things like the fashion show, Santa’s grotto etc.

  2. People will be able to contemplate buying vapes and covers for their phone while they enjoy a coffee. Perhaps have their eyebrows threaded while they tuck into a bun…

  3. In other news… a council branded road sweeper was spotted down our road this morning, which was a bit of a surprise as I genuinely cannot remember the last time I saw one around here.

    I wonder if it’s connected to the council tax bill which arrived this morning sporting a 3.5% increase on last year?

    • Probably a coincidence, Trish. Probably your tax bill came from the county council, and the road sweeper was from the borough council. Of course, it’s just possible that the two organisations have collaborated…..

      • Trish, apologies. I was away from home when I replied to your earlier message. I’ve now opened my mail and found MY council tax demand. It is, indeed from the borough council, although the biggest element by far is payment to the county council. I grovel!

  4. Opt to get your CTax bill by email – its only 8Mb, with PDF leaflets offering Loans, promoting Re-cycling …. has an unrecognizable Subject line causing its promotion to the SPAM folder …. still, if it saves money thats good !

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