A puzzling skylight

We’re a bit puzzled by this skylight that’s opposite Camberley’s post office.  How did it acquire such odd patterning?  Have a look yourself when you’re next in Princess Way.

P1130678b P1130677b


8 thoughts on “A puzzling skylight

    • Oh, I know, Gemma, I know. I have a copy of the book. But, to be fair, it’s not a publication to be taken too seriously. Not least because it was promoted just before Christmas. I suspect it was intended to be a stocking-filler rather than ‘real’ research. But, I think some people missed the point. Collectively Camberley took it at face value and challenged it, rather than laughing it off as a joke.

  1. Gemma

    You are right to flag our Town rating. Others will have read the review.
    They have set SHBC a Target. From #6 [Camberley] we can make it to the Top Three.

    We could have done so much better
    Sadly their research missed the 1930 hill walking delights of Camberley High Street, the rare London Road lichen facade and Rockery, and of course and the elegant walks offered by our numerous Service yards. Visit the Eastern service yard and see the “Play Pen” Folly” and the the detritus left behind the Treasury.

    Perhaps visit around 03:00, to enjoy life with Camberley High Street Hundreds Choir as they make their way home..

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