Well done all round – but a disappointing finish.

You may remember that a week or so ago the Eye showed that bits of masonry had fallen off one of the buildings fronting the A30 in the town centre.  Nothing desperate – unless you were unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Anyway, we reported the problem to the borough council.  And someone has taken prompt action;  there’s now wire mesh protruding from the building to catch any further small bits and pieces.  So, well done both of them.

Except… a mess has been left on the pavement.  What a shame.


It now seems highly likely that the grand plans to redevelop this part of the town have fallen through completely.  So, are we stuck with collapsing buildings for the foreseeable future?  Well, it must be at least two years ago that the borough council decided that it could use compulsory purchase to acquire shops in the development area.  Surely it could use those powers now?  The market value of a derelict building in a run-down parade of shops can’t be very high, so what’s stopping the council?


5 thoughts on “Well done all round – but a disappointing finish.

  1. I know that it has been said before, but anybody travelling westwards along the A30 will only see Camberley as this, namely a garage by the traffic lights, then a large advertising hoarding, followed by crumbling, derelict buildings, followed by some potholes and then an empty bus lane and a long traffic jam past flats, more crumbling buildings and a McDonalds, all the way up to a big yellow warehouse and the Meadows roundabout.
    The only thing of note is the elephant, and there is nothing to encourage anybody to stop and see if the town has more to offer.

    • Sorry, Paul, but you’re wrong. This week’s local paper quotes SHBC CEO as saying the mall’s facelift is the first step towards the joint vision. It’s just a minor point that the vision isn’t clear, and that the timing – according to SHBC – isn’t clear either.

  2. I walked past this new “engineering innovation” today – I actually burst out laughing! How long before this “safety device” is filled to the brim in kebab boxed, beer cans and dead pigeons!

    As for the Mall facelift – another joke. Sticking some new fronts to the existing shops is a complete waste of time. If I was running the Mall I would focus on making “Smokers Haunt” or Bietigham Way a more attractive entrance to the centre. This is the main entrance for all visitors who come to the town from the Atrium. It is dark, gloomy and at least 50 meters until the first shop!!! Convert the disused Dr SpaFish into a decent sized shop my extending backwards for a start. I’d also offer Carsons Estate Agency an incentive to move elsewhere in Park Street to free up their unit. You could then get a much bigger anchor store in there – especially if you got New Look to relocate. Sounds expensive, but still probably far less than the new flooring and dodgy panelling we’ll end up with.

  3. I agree Steve.

    Two thoughts.
    Camberley Village Green.. and The Camberley Colonnades [currently not utilised]

    Imagine if the shop currently used by Dixons, and other larger plots were licensed by SHBC to serve food during the day and into the late evening [up to 23:30]. Better use of The Camberley Colonnades would breath new life into the Centre. Restaurants would be attractive, and other retailers would be delighted as it would then justify keeping the Mall open later into the evening.

    Evening wave of shoppers and business opportunities. Perhaps free SHBC evening parking !

    Camberley Village Green to follow in a later Eye feature. Watch this space.

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