Activists in Park Street

This was the scene in Park Street on Saturday.


But we have a dilemma.  If we leave the EU, would this mean more power being transferred to the borough council?  Jumping from frying pan to fire, perhaps?


14 thoughts on “Activists in Park Street

    • Ah the desperate cries of someone with no logical or sensible reasons why we should stay in the EU – call the Leave team xenophobic and hope that shuts down the argument.

      So let’s talk immigration – as a Remainer you are, presumably, supportive of the discriminatory immigration policy that has been in place through successive Tory, Coalition and Labour governments where citizens from the EU can enter the UK to live and seek work unchallenged – regardless of their skills, needs or criminal record. While individuals from the rest of the global population have their suitability assessed and evaluated and can be refused entry for any number of reasons, simply as a result of the Country they come from.

      Only on leaving the EU, can we introduce a non-discriminatory points-based immigration system that treats all applicants equally and fairly.

      • To add on this point, I honestly feel that we could have been better equipped to assist the Syrian refugees if we hadn’t had open borders with the rest of the EU, artificially boosting the population of this country for all these years.

  1. Park Street on Saturday had people offering prayers at one end, and this lot at the other. If they succeed, we’ll need more than prayers…

      • Thanks Paul. You’re right, religion and politics aren’t really topics for the Eye. I reported that ‘exhibition’ because it was something that happened in Camberley, rather than it being something that I agreed/disagreed with. I usually keep my own political/religious views quiet – except when it comes to our local councils who do so little to improve the town centre. They deserve comment and criticism.

  2. I’m pleased to see people getting involved in the referendum debate. Don’t leave it all to big business and politicians. We all have a say, whether to remain in or to come out of Europe.
    I hope there are more things like this, in all towns and villages, before I make my vote !

  3. Presume they had a Traders Licence peddling their nonsense, would be better putting effort into saving Camberley.

  4. An Activist event with only four people running it. I was not there on Saturday but wonder where they came from and did they have permission to set up a stall? In either case the debate needs to show both sides of the argument and a couple of people giving out flags in the town centre is hardly where the it is. Why is everything brought down to the question of immigration, it’s hardly an issue for Camberley is it? In either case we could leave the EU go back to living in the woods and face painting and get in touch with our creative sides (I’m all for that personally) or we can stay in the EU and get on with it like the other countries. The referendum is a great opportunity for an exit if we know where we are going and I am not sure the general public really understand this is why we need to be given as much knowledge about the upsides and downsides to make an informed decision. The refugee crisis is a massive issue for all countries in the world and it is not going to get any better so we need to deal with it whether inside or outside of Europe. Prior to the free movement of labour within the EU immigration was always an issue and arguing that all of a sudden we would welcome people from outside of the EU is nonsense. There is no fair system and way of assessing who should be allowed in or not can we get away from these issues and look at whether we want to be creative, individual, face-painting and tattooed Britain’s or do we want to put on a suit become accountants and work for big business? What is best for our future it’s a massive risk to leave Europe but then again maybe it’s an opportunity to be different

    • Many thanks for that detailed contribution. I’m deliberately not going to state my views on Brexit here, other than to say that, like most real-world issues, it’s complicated! There are too many imponderables to know with confidence to know what the ‘right’ answer is. In another 100 years, we might be able to tell whether we got it wrong…

  5. The immigration issue is relatively recent. We should consider the record of the EU over the last 20 years. If we stay in, will the EU balance it’s books for the first time? Consider all the rules and edicts. Straight bananas, fishing quotas, The disastrous and unworkable euro.Tying us to the euro (yes they do – why did our compensation value reduce from £85000 to £75000?). Regulations that prevent us from sending undesirable foreigners back to their own countries. Two parliament buildings, the gravy train, the cost. The list is endless!

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