O2 shows what’s (probably) coming our way

We’ve all known for a while that the front of the O2 shop in Camberley’s mall is being upgraded to show what the ‘new look’ mall will look like.  Well, we can probably now get a reasonably good idea of what’s coming.

IMG_6723b IMG_6721b

We quite like the new look and the new LED lighting.  But we’re not yet convinced that they live in harmony with the ‘Victorian’ roof structure and glazing.


8 thoughts on “O2 shows what’s (probably) coming our way

  1. I don’t like the wood look, it’s very old fashioned and is not in keeping with the rest of the structure. Do you think this is complete? The top seems to finish abruptly and looks like it needs something to complete the installation.
    I wonder if all the shop fronts are due to have the same treatment, if so it will look extremely boring.
    The LED lights don’t show up very well in the photos; perhaps the whole installation looks rather better when seen directly.

    • Steve, our Feb 6th post – taken from the planning application – suggests that what you see is what we’ll be getting throughout most of the mall. Wood – my opinion, obviously – can look superb. I’ve seen it used in a very impressive mall. And I’m a sucker for led lighting! But I’m far from sure that what’s intended suits the rather ‘delicate’ nature of our mall’s structure.

  2. I think it’s quite eye-catching, but wonder what it will look like when the whole area is clad in the same way. I wonder if there are photos of a similar structure somewhere else. Perhaps if somebody from the Mall sees this, they could tell us?

    • There’s a mall in Leicester that has a very attractive combination of wood and LED lighting. But it’s much larger than Camberley’s mall, and it doesn’t have a ‘Victorian arcade’ roof structure. So there’s no conflict of styles there.

    • We can but live in hope! Unless there are loud protests, I imagine that the Mall will just go ahead and do it. (I guess that the planning application is almost a formality. There doesn’t seem to be much chance that it’ll be turned down.)

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