Explanations needed – PLEASE!

We spotted this horse box in the service area behind Boots the other day.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t linger, but in a quick conversation we learned that the vehicle was being used by the High Street charity shop ‘Home from Home’ to deliver furniture.


There is an obvious question.  Why IS a Thai Polo horse box in the UK, let-alone in Camberley?  If you know the answer, please share it!


4 thoughts on “Explanations needed – PLEASE!

  1. They bought it at auction at an affordable rate to allow them the ability to have a decent sized transport vehicle at reasonable cost ??
    Just a guess .. … …. just so happens the previous owners logo is still visible ?? !! ??

    • Maybe, Tony. Vehicle sellers often obscure logos so that the buyer can’t bring ‘disrepute’ on the seller by bad driving or whatever. Heaven only knows if that’s the case this time.

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