That’s a bit better, borough council!

Regular readers may remember our recent ‘frustration’ that one of the lifts in Main Square car park had been out of action for quite a while, and that there were no warning notices on the upper floors to tell users that the lift wasn’t working.  Those regular readers might also recall that we raised the subject formally with the borough council, and that we received a reply saying that the lift had been decommissioned permanently.

We thanked the council for the information, and we suggesting that suitable notices really ought to be installed.


Well, notices have, indeed, now been attached to the lift doors, as these photos show.  Which is a great improvement.  Though we suspect that the notice on the top floor won’t last very long.  The sticky tape holding it in place seems to have largely come unstuck already….



8 thoughts on “That’s a bit better, borough council!

    • That’s the logical thing, Denise. As an aside, if/when work status on Ashwood House, Level 3A of the car park will probably be closed. So, rather than having more parking spaces through a new multi storey in the London Road block, we’re going to have fewer. Retailers will be overjoyed if this happens….

  1. I assume SHBC [as developers] need all and any investment funds to cover Ashwood House.
    Stuff the High Street and any thought of free parking in Camberley

    • I don’t know about that, Mike, but I have a strong suspicion that redevelopment of Ashwood House will close Level 3A of the car park for some time, if not permanently. So there’ll be LESS parking available, nevermind FREE parking. Retailers rejoice – they’ll have a quiet life if I’m right!

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