And the building crumbles on

Was it a couple of years ago that chunks of masonry fell from the front of an empty building on the A30 service road?  We’re referring to the building that used to house a dry-cleaners, and which now has netting fixed on it in case of further problems.

We think that the damage was caused by frost/freezing weather.  So, we’re not altogether surprised to see that more bits of masonry have recently come adrift.  The pieces of stone are much less substantial than last time, but they probably still have the potential to kill.


P1130815b P1130816b

We’ll contact the borough council – it’s probably up to them to make sure that everything (and everyone) is safe.


4 thoughts on “And the building crumbles on

    • Well, the ‘enforcement officers’ are only doing their job, so let’s hope they stay safe! But I feel no charity towards those officials who won’t paint ‘permits only’in big letters on the roadway. They know there’s a problem, so they just don’t care if the public gets caught out. (And I don’t want to hear whether or not such wording would be legal. I’m talking about common sense – which the council seems to lack in this instance)

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