A sign of neglect

We can’t remember how many years ago we first posted a photograph of this sign on the side wall of Barclays Bank in Camberley’s High Street.  But, if our memory serves us correctly, the article we wrote about it was headed something like ‘Where is the ivic all?’.


The sign is only a few hundred yards from the borough council offices.  Surely, if any of the council’s senior personnel ever left their fortress to visit the town –  for which they’re responsible – they would take action.  Not to repaint the missing ‘C’ and ‘H’ (when WAS the theatre last referred to as the ‘Civic Hall’?), but – radical thought – actually get the word ‘Theatre’ put on the sign instead.  It’s not as if the council’s loss-making theatre doesn’t need all the help that it can get.

A question.  If the council can’t put trivial things right, what chance is there of it achieving anything more tangible in the town centre for the foreseeable future?  We suspect that either of the two bookmakers nearly opposite Knoll Walk would give pretty long odds.  But still not worth a flutter, in our view.


6 thoughts on “A sign of neglect

    • The sign is sort-of correct, Paul. Although it originally pointed towards the dedicated police station in Portesbery Road, it now – luckily – points towards the council offices, which house what is still sometimes referred to as the ‘police station’.

  1. Have you also seen the sign for the ” Job Centre” on the post outside the Bear pub. Thought this had closed down its unbelievable how poor a simple task is being mis managed or not.

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