Seeing red!

This was what the derelict Hoover spares building adjacent to Bissingen Way used to look like before it was demolished last year – almost certainly after the borough council bought it.

P1100749cP1130662bSoon after it was removed, a rather dinky fence – which some unkind souls refer to as a playpen! – was erected around the site.  But we’ve noticed more recently that a rash of red notices has broken out.  They bear the borough council’s logo rather than that of the county council, which seems to confirm that the borough council now owns the site.  It would be rather nice if the residents – who will have to foot the bill for acquiring the site, of course – were allowed to park on it.  Or would that be too difficult??


2 thoughts on “Seeing red!

  1. Hi David,

    When the ‘Hoover Building’ was demolished I, and others, thought that the roads would at last be joined up. Thus giving easy service access to shops on the upper reaches of the High St. Instead the playpen restricts access as much as the building does!

    Does the council have a plan? Why no progress?


    Ian McLaughlin, 10 St Georges Crt.

    • Sadly, Ian, you have to differentiate between ‘plan’ and ‘intention’. There seems to be no concern on the part of the borough council that its very long standing plans to improve rear access to the High Street shops have made negligible progress on the ground. Ultimately, it’s the borough councillors who are responsible, but unless local voters change their voting habits, we’re stuck with council tax that achieves nothing.

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