Camberley’s answer to the window tax?

It’s not difficult to learn about the window tax – Wikipedia tells the tale of the time when windows were taxed, and when they were sometimes bricked up to save money.

But we suspect that there’s a different reason for the blockwork in this former window at the top of Camberley’s High Street!




8 thoughts on “Camberley’s answer to the window tax?

  1. Michael Gove being our local MP, they wanted residents’ views on In/Out. They interviewed the farmers’ market traders first, then moved into the Mall and interviewed 3 or 4 people. Mixed views, but the Mall was packed.

  2. The Right Hon.. has already decided. Out of EU. [ on your behalf ? ]
    Very sad as he had little time to represent the interests of Surrey Heath or South East England in the UK or that EU forum. .. and Yes I voted for Michael Gove.

    • Two thoughts. i) it must be difficult for any minister+MP to devote much time to their constituency?, ii) I’m not convinced that recovering our sovereignty from the EU would be an improvement. By analogy, we should want the borough council to recover its sovereignty from HMG. But I have no confidence that the borough council would do a better job. Far from it.

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