More negative vibes for regeneration?

A new and large ‘To let’ sign has appeared on the London Road.  It’s on the front of the long-closed Cash Zone shop.  The implication is that the building is not about to be demolished as part of any ‘regeneration’.  Sadly, we suspect that nothing much is going to happen to the A30 frontage as a whole for quite some while (degeneration rather than regeneration, perhaps).  If only the council had pursued a ‘Plan B’ more energetically for the last few years, it might have avoided this miserable outlook.



5 thoughts on “More negative vibes for regeneration?

  1. We had a Residents’ meeting last night and it is clear that the Mall owners are risk-averse and not prepared to develop further. The Council will develop bit by bit -starting with Ashworth House and after that the corner of the High St, A30 This is all to be residential and once it is up and running they will build the A30 multi-storey!!! Not in my life-time. The ice-rink is definitely to come for a month at Christmas – possibly on the tennis courts in SPR. Residents were not happy. Atrium do not want it on their car park which would be much better – parking, loos and access to the restaurants so perhaps pressure/compensation will push that one. There should be a public meeting called by Dougan fairly soon. There are whispers of fresh plans for the Mosque. Here we go again, Anne G

    • Many thanks for that update, Anne. As you know, I’ve thought for a long time that the ‘grand plan’ for the London Road Block is dead in the water. The frustration is that those involved haven’t had the courage to say so.
      But what you’re saying is that the council – having said for years that the LRB is top priority – which it obviously should be – is now going to have to wait until Ashwood House has been converted. Yet no one complains about Ashwood House, and, though it’s a wasted asset, it doesn’t detract from the town. Still, given the council’s failure to deliver its long standing promises -like pedestrianisation and rear access roads – we can’t have ANY faith that it’ll do what it’s saying now.
      I spent some time looking at temporary ice rinks before Christmas. What struck me wasn’t anything to do with licensing, but some very loud music. Fine for participants, of course.
      As far as the mosque is concerned, it’s an important site and it should always be something of which the town as a whole can be proud.

  2. I think there needs to be a general vote of no confidence. All these councilors like Paul Deach, and Vivienne Chapman are very happy to sprout nonsense, but none of them have provided any updates on this, despite repeated emails. I am disgusted with the council and their incompetence. Camberley needs regeneration and a fast rail link, instead we are getting more tupperware stores and cramming more people into an already over crowded infrastructure.

    • A good start would be for the council to communicate properly. It doesn’t take much money, just commitment and a desire to provide a good device. (Come go think of it, maybe I’ve answered my own ‘question’.)

    • We get the opportunity for a vote of no confidence at every election time, of course. And most residents seem to vote the same way every time, so presumably they’re happy with the status quo. Maybe they just hop into their cars and go elsewhere….

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