Secret markings!

Can anyone translate these markings that have appeared on Camberley’s pavements recently?

P1130777b P1130769b P1130770b


4 thoughts on “Secret markings!

  1. These are usually marking the centre lines of underground services detected by a scanner and marked in advance of excavations in the area.

    • Thanks Steve. I rather suspected as much – the markings were on the pavement along the High Street near St George’s Road, and the whole lot has now been dug up. But I still prefer the explanation on Facebook – “obviously a sign that the teenage mutant ninja turtles must be protecting Camberley during half term”!

  2. SteveD is correct. Each contractor has their own set of symbols they use – there’s no standard. No idea what the top 2 refer to but the bottom one is almost certainly water. I’m guessing the “4” might refer to the depth.

    • Thanks Alex. It always surprises me how rarely a contractor actually digs through an underground cable unintentionally, or breaks into a drain. Given that no-one seems to know in advance where the utilities actually run, there must be clever and sensitive detectors available. Something rather better than the domestic stud/cable detector; I’ve never found these to be much better than guesswork!

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