Farewell to Curry’s…

Lesley told us a while ago that the Curry’s shop in Camberley will be closing on May 8th.  Happily, she says that the staff will be offered jobs elsewhere.




6 thoughts on “Farewell to Curry’s…

  1. Surrey Heath is blessed having access to both the Meadows and Farnborough Gate (Currys).
    Large shopping centres and with free parking locally much more attractive.

    Camberley Mall owners and SHBC might consider allowing the Mall to stay open late.. and to encourage restaurants to move inside. The ex Currys location a sweet spot that could have tables inside and out.

    The Atrium needs an alternative. Their food hall is an ugly American feature and far too over crowded. High Street as pedestrian open walk way will provide an open and welcome link.

    • No need to point out that the Meadows and Farnborough Gate are both in (rival) boroughs. And, of course, we do have one ‘eatery’ in the Mall already, so there’s already a precedent. I imagine that the Mall is aware that restaurants are replacing retailers, but I guess that the cost of keeping the whole Mall open well into the evening for just a few restaurants would be prohibitive? It probably would take a major restaurant with lots of business to make it worthwhile.

  2. You are correct of course… Thanks heavens we have the Meadows.

    SHBC could perhaps encourage the Mall and Atrium to contribute toward Camberley Town Centre upkeep. High Street and East-End ?!

    Just 36 months ago.
    Next store for Camberley ‘out-of-town’ site reported by getSurrey

    NEXT has been granted planning permission to create a new flagship store on the outskirts of Camberley after councillors waved through a long-standing application.

    Plans for the store, lodged in March, were referred to an extraordinary meeting of Surrey Heath Borough Council on October 8 after The Mall Camberley registered an objection. They would wouldn’t they 😰

    The shopping centre contended that the proposal flew in the face of the authority’s commitment, enshrined in its core strategy, to create more retail floorspace in Camberley town centre.

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