Freedom of Information Request

If you read the Eye earlier this week, you’ll know that we submitted a formal enquiry to the borough council about one of the lifts in Main Square car park.  We’ve now received an answer – and, as promised, we’re publishing it here:

FOI reply

So, pity the poor souls who stand by the lift door at the top of the car-park, waiting for the lift to come.  It never will – and they’ll never know why.


8 thoughts on “Freedom of Information Request

  1. Ye Gods – did it never occur to them to place an explanatory notice on the lift, on all floors, to inform people? What is it about SHBC and Communication?

    • SHBC and Communication? An oxymoron, without a doubt. (Lack of communication – is it incompetence, arrogance, indifference, or fear of saying the wrong thing? It’s certainly not serving those whom the council is supposed to serve.)

  2. Truely shocking the lift issue. Different issues for me now and
    my rant re Prior Heath Car Park and the massive pot holes .. SCC pathetic with ludicrous automated emails in response to mine but have to praise SHBC who are now addressing the issue at half term I had to send sooo many emails to get it sorted but got there in the end,I was apparently the only person who reported the problem??!!

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