Parking – a sledgehammer to crack a nut…

Regular readers may remember that our ‘Christmas Card’ showed a long-standing ‘Lift Out of Order’ sign on one of the lifts in Camberley’s Main Square car park.

The lift appears to be still out of order, and we cannot see any evidence that it is being repaired in any way.  So, in desperation, we have submitted a Freedom of Information Request to the borough council.  This is what it says – we’ll publish what the council tells us in response.

FOI request

It really ought not to be necessary to submit a FOI request for such matters.  A simple explanatory note on the lift door would have been sufficient.  But we feel that the borough council’s instinct is always to pull up the council office drawbridge, rather than to communicate simply and openly.  As professionals, they ought to know better.

(Talking about communication, there’s NO ‘Out of Order’ sign on the top floor of the car park.  Poor punters can stand there and push the ‘Call’ button, but they’ll go nowhere if they do.)


10 thoughts on “Parking – a sledgehammer to crack a nut…

  1. Good work Mr Eye.

    Out of interest, from your experience, how good are the council at satisfactorily responding to these FOI requests?

    • I think the council is legally obliged to answer reasonable and legitimate requests. But the answer that I received to my last FOI request was, I believe, completely wrong. I could say more…

  2. The left hand lift in the Knoll Road Car Park also has had a “Out of Order” sign for months.
    Perhaps it’s Council policy to reduce the number of lifts to save electricity.

    • We could, indeed, submit another request. But the answer would be guaranteed to say very little of real substance. And I think commercial confidentiality is an accepted reason for not providing requested information.

  3. Main square lifts get your attention, how about the Knoll road car park lifts? Only one has been working, just! the other has been bust for as long if not longer than Main square. By the sound of the one and only working lift it will not be workingg much longer!!

    • You’re not the first person to tell me about the Knoll Rd lift, Reg. I don’t often use that car park – too many sharp corners for comfort. But I’ll have a look, and think about it… Thanks.

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