If you care about our train service, don’t forget….

Don’t forget the on-line questionnaire that’s asking for views about our train service.  These will will be taken into account when the new franchise to run the service is awarded later this year.

Stakeholder consultationb

The full explanation, which  you’ll need before answering the questionnaire, is HEREhttp://wp.me/p3Dlu2-24p.  The questionnaire is HERE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PBMTHYB  (Apologies to Facebook readers – one or both links here might not be visible for a few hours – we’ll sort the problem soonest, so do come back and look again later.)  THE DEADLINE IS 9TH FEBRUARY – but don’t leave it until then, just in case…

There’s an additional complication.  It’s not obvious exactly what the franchise will include.  According to Transport for London (TfL):

“We are proposing a new partnership between the DfT (Department for Transport) and TfL that will provide strategic direction to the specification and management of rail passenger services across London and the South East.

The partnership will work closely with train operators, Network Rail and others. Local and regional bodies will have an important role, providing a stronger voice for local people.

We are also proposing to complete the transfer of responsibility from the DfT to TfL for inner suburban rail services that operate mostly or wholly within Greater London. This will include some trains to and from Cannon Street, Charing Cross, London Bridge, Moorgate, Victoria and Waterloo. These transfers will take place over the next few years.”

The current franchise under which Camberley trains operate includes Waterloo suburban rail services of course.  It seems that the scope of the franchise could be reduced somewhat by this change?





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