John Lewis to open £30 million store in the High Street

Sadly, the High Street concerned is in Cheltenham.

CheltenhamIt’s just over two years since we commented positively on the fact that Cheltenham’s high street – in contrast to Camberley’s – was pedestrianised.  (You can read what we wrote here  Did John Lewis read what we wrote?  Their new store will be just where the road bends in the distance in our photograph above.



11 thoughts on “John Lewis to open £30 million store in the High Street

    • It’s either that or cry, Shirley. Camberley’s High Street isn’t the sort of place that would EVER have tempted a John Lewis to come. The fact that the borough council has done nothing to make the street more attractive is a gross failure.

  1. I think we can safely, and sadly, say that any thoughts of JL coming to Camberley are now dead in the water…which may explain why properties on that proposed site are being let again.

    • But the frustration is that we seem to have been distracted for a couple of years by the (unrealistic) possibility of Camberley becoming a top 100 retail town. The council doesn’t seem to have considered Plan B to be necessary, so we’ll just muddle on, falling further behind neighbouring towns – no doubt to their delight.

      • I know…even I had a few months of optimism! On the other hand, I remain amazed and grateful that the Vue complex ever happened. Cinema has never been more enjoyable….and although not yet reaching the Jamie Oliver level, the eating is better than it was. I do hear Carluccio is coming to Park Street, maybe on that empty corner site? Meanwhile we stumble on, with cheap plastic box shops replacing cheap shoe shops.

      • Carluccios applied for – and got – a ‘drinks licence’ for that corner site when the Atrium first opened. Obviously they changed their mind not long afterwards. Whether they’ve had third thoughts, I don’t know. I suspect not, if only from the lack of any news.

      • Oh, and yes, the Atrium is what the future of town centres will be all about. Leisure and pleasure, with a modest number of shops. Thank goodness we’ve got it – and the Mall.

  2. It is amazing that this town, on a major trunk road and within a stones throw of a major motorway has ended up so low down in the pecking order of choice for many.

    There again we must not forget to thank the jobsworths in SHBC Parking for making it even easier for us not to come to Camberley.

    • Didn’t Camberley have the highest or third highest footfall of people in the shops in England/Southern England a few years’ ago?

      • I’m scratching my head to remember any such thing, Denise. Our footfall didn’t decline as much as the national average during the ‘bad years’, but I don’t know where we stood otherwise.

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