Maybe we should apologise to the borough council

Recently we compared a statement in this winter’s Heathscene with some figures in the borough council’s own documentation.  The former said that the council was hitting its annual targets, the latter quoted a figure of just over 82% key targets achieved.  We said that we found it hard to reconcile these two statements.

We now realise that the figure of 82% was taken from the council’s ‘Performance Monitoring Report, End of Year 2014-15’.  This document reviews LAST year’s Plan – ending April 2015.  There’s been a more recent interim monitoring report looking at the Plan for THIS financial year:  April 2015-April 2016.  It’s this report that concludes that all key targets are being met.  So we seem to have misled our readers.

However, that’s not the whole story.  The council’s annual Plan for 2014-15 includes the following:

SHBC key 2014-2015 Objectives final
It’s not too difficult to identify from this some of the key priorities that were not achieved.  Certainly the development agreement and planning application relating to the London Road Block regeneration weren’t – and apparently still haven’t been – achieved.

Fast forward to the 2015-2016 annual Plan.  What are the equivalent key targets which are, as Heathscene says, being “hit”?  In particular, what about those relating to the A30 frontage.  This is what the current Plan says:

SHBC key 2015-2016 Objectives

Note the total omission of any dates or deadlines.  There’s also very little definition of what is to be delivered.  In view of this,  the council’s claim in Heathscene to be hitting its priority targets is – we humbly suggest – a load of codswallop.  Under the circumstances, it’s really the council that should be apologising to us, and not the other way around..


4 thoughts on “Maybe we should apologise to the borough council

  1. Bracknell and Farnborough have had significant monies invested in the towns and now I see Maidenhead have a £280million project underway.
    So, please,somebody tell me what these towns have in common and what Camberley lacks – nothing to do with SHBC of course because they would be open about their challenges and admit that another target has been missed ……badly !!

    • I’m sure the comparison is complicated. We’re in the real world, and Surrey Heath can only do so much to attract investors/retailers/businesses. But its lack of realism means that it’s been shooting in a pointless direction, wasting time and effort. And its failure to acknowledge that it’s been shooting in the wrong direction means that it hasn’t taken the corrective action needed to put it on the right path. Plus, those things that ARE in the council’s power – to improve the town centre ‘cosmetically’ to make it more attractive to investors – haven’t been done. Nil points.

  2. I concur. Camberley, a SHBC target free zone.
    Shameful content-free word smith obfuscation is an insult to residents.

    Perhaps the Heath scene Editor might like to run your copy…

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