Lack of progress at the Dolphin

Permission was given to redevelop the Dolphin public house – opposite St Michael’s Church – a couple of years ago.  The project was for the “erection of 3 two storey two bedroom dwellings and 1 two storey building with accommodation in the roofspace to provide 4 one bedroom and 1 two bedroom flats following the demolition of existing restaurant and first floor flat.”

P1050384bBut, apart from erecting a hoarding around the site, nothing much visible has happened.  In a new planning application, the reason given is that the project is not viable financially.  Ironically – and if we understand the stated logic correctly – part of the problem is that the value of the land has risen since the owner bought it……

Reflecting this, the new application asks that the ‘Section 106’ financial contribution to the council of nearly £60 000 – required by the original planning permission – should be waived.

We will watch with interest.


2 thoughts on “Lack of progress at the Dolphin

  1. It appears that developers have realised that the council is not very interested in Section 106 monies and I suspect more will try it on in future. It seems they don’t need the money; time will tell.

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