For Goodness Cake… becoming kebabs?

A licence application has been submitted for the former ‘For Goodness Cake….’ premises in Camberley’s High Street.  (You can just about see the mandatory blue notice in the shop window).


The proposed new business will be a “kebab, doner, fish and chip takeaway restaurant”.  We deduce (rightly or wrongly) – that the applicant owns the ‘Bar-B-Q Pit’ on the London Road, and that this will be closed.


One of the issues that occurs to us is whether closure of the Bar-B-Q Pit – if it happens – would be a significant step towards the regeneration of the ‘London Road Block’, or whether another business will take its place, or whether it’ll lead to another empty building facing the A30.


4 thoughts on “For Goodness Cake… becoming kebabs?

  1. At least all the late night care from Camberley’s Street Angels will be confined to the High Street! Or, to put it another way, at least the Pit owners will have the Angels to look after their late night clientele.

  2. Ironically and coincidentally in the same week that discussions are being had on how the high street could be made more attractive and a more desirable area for shoppers and visitors.
    Pubs,bookies and a kebab shop will probably not bring the missing people back to Camberley but of course will satisfy the evening crowd who like this type of environment.
    Meanwhile The Atrium will continue to prosper with all they have to offer.

    • I suppose there’s no fundamental reason why the High Street should not be dedicated to kebabs etc. Just accept it won’t be a shoppers’ street any longer and optimize it for its new role. Tough on existing retailers, but if they’re prepared to let it happen…..

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