Street clutter – we don’t even notice the notices?

In this photo, we’ve counted eight signs and nine posts of one sort or another.  Plus a couple of small plastic ‘labels’ attached to one post.  Two of the posts don’t do anything.  There are fifteen items of information to ‘help’ motorists.  Is this reasonable?


5 thoughts on “Street clutter – we don’t even notice the notices?

  1. The Council could start by removing the roundabout at that particular junction, just leaving the give way from Portesbery Road. I’m sure that the roundabout was only put there to help police cars get to and from the old police station.

    • Oh, that’s a bit radical! Much better to do nothing. (I’m beginning to think that much of the work outside Frimley Park Hospital was a waste of money. What’s now happening is that drivers coming from the ‘Toshiba roundabout’ wanting to turn into the hospital entrance now stay in the RH lane, and they go all the way round the roundabout hoping to get ahead of those who form a queue in the LH lane. But of course they can’t leave the roundabout because they have to join that continuous queue. So they block the roundabout and traffic that wants to go straight on can’t. So the whole thing grinds to a halt. Yes, the extra lane can accommodate more stationary cars, but that’s about it.)

      • David, another radical solution is “Yellow Boxes”, they seem to work in London. However I did suggest to SCC that they should be used on the Toshiba roundabout with cameras etc paid for by FPH but was advised that SCC only used them on traffic light controlled junctions. This is patently incorrect as there are at least four examples locally which are not traffic light controlled. Many motorists don’t understand what KEEP CLEAR means.

  2. I agree. The real issue was not addressed.
    As we suggested last year in Camerley Eye forum,the main FPH access could and should be straight off the M3 via new Junction 4 FPH. Sadly SCC obviously did not read our local insight. Told them so.

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