Polishing the figures?

The first image below is an extract from the winter copy of the borough council’s ‘Heathscene’ – delivered to every household.


The second is from a longer, more-official borough document – last year’s ‘Performance Monitoring Report’.


OK, we’ve picked on the key milestones;  the figures for – presumably lesser – milestones were better.  But we have a little difficulty in equating “hitting annual targets” with nearly one in five key targets not being met.


9 thoughts on “Polishing the figures?

  1. “Figures, Damned Figures and Statistics”. Either side of an argument can make what they will of numbers either positively of negatively. We should focus on “The What” that has been achieved rather than being negative. If 82% of the electorate had got off of there behinds and voted in the election it would have been hailed as a huge success.

    Look for the good in what is being achieved


    Bob Fox


  2. What has electorate turnout got to do with a council achieving targets.
    If a commercial business hit 82% of their targets then heads would roll starting at the top.
    That’s the reality in the ” real world “.

  3. It’s a simple typesetting error. “Continues to perform” should have been followed by the final word or words “well”, “moderately well”, “badly”, “better than at least one council in Kigali”.

    • What – you mean give us REAL information? (The facts are in the longer document from which I extracted the 82% figure, but only nerds like me would go to the trouble of digging them out….)

  4. In a properly run Business the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) would be a traffic light presentation listing the Targets (what they are ) and colour coded Red no progress,Amber some progress and Green when completed. Against the Red & Amber reasons why they have not progressed apologies if in the full report but clear visibility is clearer than a load of words.

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