50% out of action – is that the best that SHBC can do?

We know that we showed a long-standing ‘out of order’ notice on one of Main Square car park’s lifts over Christmas.  Well, we’ve added to our photo collection, with a hasty picture of a notice on one of the remaining car park lifts.  So, of the four lifts in the car park, only two are functioning.  Yet the council promised a year or so ago that we’d become a ‘top 100’ town by 2018.  (We bet that the council regrets ever saying such a thing… Sadly, the promise was highly implausible at the time;  lack of progress since then means that the promise is now totally unbelievable.)

What really annoys us is the ‘apology’ for “ANY inconvenience caused”.  Does the council think that that there might be NO inconvenience if its lifts don’t work?

Of course, the council offices have their own ground-level dedicated car park.  So no inconvenience there, obviously.





5 thoughts on “50% out of action – is that the best that SHBC can do?

  1. My impression is that they get into their warm comfy offices in Knoll Road , have endless meetings about meetings and then just sit around waiting for their pensions ( taking up to 25% of each and everyone’s council tax payments.)

    There better be NO INCREASE at all this coming year in council tax ,as the service delivery from SHBC on many levels, and most definitely when it comes to accommodating visitors to Camberley is appalling.

  2. They don’t all use their own ground floor carpark. Some of them park in the carpark off St Georges Road which is supposed to be for residents of St George’s Court.

    But I agree. All SHBC seem to be able to do is draw up vague plans of improvement. Action is required.

    • No doubt SHBC has difficult decisions to make. But the lack of communication and openness means we’re bound to think that the council is incompetent. Indeed, lack of communication is, itself, incompetence.

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