Was our council showing foresight?

Another year has passed without any published planning application to redevelop the London Road Block.  So we’ve started to wonder about the public art feature at the top of Park Street.  It’s called ‘The Right Way’, and, give or take a bit, it points to Bracknell, Farnborough and Woking.  These are all towns where regeneration is forging ahead.  Unlike Camberley, they’re doing things right.  Perhaps back in 2008 the borough council already knew that we would fall behind?

 P1130649b P1130647b

Perhaps we’re being unfair.  But can YOU think of any significant work underway in Camberley to regenerate the town??


11 thoughts on “Was our council showing foresight?

    • But voters will almost certainly continue to vote the same way that they’ve always voted, so really the council will never be judged. Without a decent opposition, anything – or nothing – is good enough.

  1. Camberely is in dire need for regeneration. It could become a lovely town, more boutique with nice independent cafes and shops, and a fast rail link into London. Unfortunately the council are a bunch of lazy idiots.

    • Of course, the council can’t force any particular type of retailer to invest here. But it can create a suitable environment. The borough council does keep the town centre clean, but that’s about it. If you were an upmarket retailer, or one who relies on premium customers, you’d not come to Camberley.

  2. Other councils seem to have more get up and go than our lot…there again they do have some semblance of opposition…..http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/14199350._Build_it_now_or_we_walk_away____future_of___150m_city_centre_development_hangs_in_balance/

    Extract…not sure the link will work..
    ‘BUILD it now or we will walk away.’

    That is the message from civic chiefs to the firm behind a long-delayed Hampshire development.

    TH Real Estate (THRE) has asked for more time to deliver the controversial £150million Silver Hill scheme, which will transform the centre of Winchester, after failing to start work last month.

    But senior councillors fear the city centre revamp would be delayed for another four years and could ditch the firm and start again.

    As they prepared for crunch talks today, council leader Stephen Godfrey warned THRE it could scrap the whole project.

    “I want to tell them that it’s this scheme, it’s now, or really we have to protect the interests of Winchester,” he said……………………….

  3. Redsnapper.. you have identified the issue.

    Camberley is not really in Surrey Heath !!
    It falls under Aldershot/Rushmoor confused conurbation.
    Explains why our infrastructure investment is so lacking.

    Sitting on the Surrey Hampshire borders neither county council want to spend.


    Convert to City
    Camberley/Farnborough/Farnham super Town needing a Cathedral.

    Aldershot (/ˈɔːldərʃɒt/) is a town in the English county of Hampshire, located on heathland about 37 mi (60 km) southwest of London. The town is administered by Rushmoor Borough Council.

    The town has a population of 36,321,[1] while the Aldershot Urban Area, a loose conurbation (which also includes other towns such as Camberley, Farnborough, and Farnham) has a population of 243,344, making it the thirtieth-largest urban area in the UK.[2]

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