Stripped-out shops

A couple of Camberley’s shops have been emptied of fittings and fixtures recently, following their closure.  Here’s the first of them – ‘Just Cuts’, in Princess Way, that shut its doors for the last time on Christmas Eve.



4 thoughts on “Stripped-out shops

  1. You better start taking your camera elsewhere to reduce the number of depressing posts caused by Camberley rapidly becoming a “dead town”. This Xmas online sales rose exponentially and high street sales crashed. Unfortunately the jobsworths at SHBC cannot put 2 and 2 together and realise that their total lack of vision, and action in developing Camberley contributes to the continuing demise. Not forgetting off course very shopper hostile parking arrangements courtesy of SHBC

    • The Eye is an eBay enthusiast, and your comments about internet sales are well-made. SHBC can’t be blamed for this, of course, but the council CAN be blamed for apparently putting all its eggs in one basket by only having one idea for the future of the London Road Block. For relatively minor purchases, the council has to put the matter out to tender, and not just approach a single supplier, so it really ought to be familiar with the idea of keeping its options open. Putting so much emphasis on regenerating the LBR as a retail area, without any visible Plan B or Plan C really is unwise.
      Parking is a critical issue for many shoppers. It goes beyond simple economics to perceptions. In many respects the council doesn’t actually do too badly, but it manages to upset many Camberley shoppers by its failure to present its case properly.

  2. The shop opposite Robert Dyas being gutted the Cake Shop by Surrey Arms ……. SHBC can put 2 and 2 together but unfortunately don’t know the answer & get costly Consultants in to further muddy the waters!

    • Thanks Mike. The cake shop will feature in an item on this blog early tomorrow – Thursday. I must look tomorrow across from Robert Dyas – I know that several shops on that side of the road are empty, but I’d not seen any recent activity. But you’re right, empty shops – especially shops that have been empty for a long time – tell a very clear story.

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