Is this a bad omen for Camberley’s regeneration?

There’s been a planning application – a modest one – to convert upstairs offices in Camberley’s High Street into two flats.  Nothing special about that, of course.  EXCEPT that building concerned is at the top end of the High Street, and something that would almost certainly be demolished in any regeneration of the London Road Block (the north end of the town between the High Street and Park Street).


The agent for the application is ‘CLM Surveyors’, and it occupies the building concerned (and, we believe, owns it too).  It seems unlikely that the company is unaware of the borough council’s plans to redevelop the site, so why is it going ahead?  The conversion, though not major, isn’t an insignificant one, so it’ll involve expense.  Is the expectation that the flats will be occupied for long enough to recover the cost?  What does this mean for the regeneration timetable?

Happy New Year everyone…..



4 thoughts on “Is this a bad omen for Camberley’s regeneration?

  1. David. If it applies to the rooms above the Barbers and the newsagents then this was where I lived with my mother in the early 1950’s. After a dispute between two owners we then had the flat cut to two bedrooms, and  they were turned into a coffee bar. I have some delightful photo’s of my 21st party, where I look incredibly young, and attractive??? Happy New Year. Ken.       

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    • I had a feeling that it was close to home, so to speak, for you, Ken. It must be a strange feeling. And it’s remarkable how many people remember the coffee bar with fondness; I guess they were young and attractive too at the time!

    • Steve, I suspect you’re wishing for the moon. Partly because the information will be commercially-sensitive, but mainly because the borough council avoids communicating about anything that’s at all controversial. I think it’s frightened of what the residents might say.

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