More about parking in Camberley’s service areas

A few days ago we published an article about the replacement of single yellow lines by double yellow lines in some of Camberley’s service areas.  This would prohibit parking in the evenings and on Sundays.


In our article we quoted the county council’s reasons for making this change.  In addition, we’ve since been contacted by The Mall’s General Manager, who has written;

Hi David, I hope all is well with you?

I’ve been advised about the article appearing on your Camberley Eye website regarding increasing the parking restrictions in the service areas surrounding The Mall.

We requested and fully support these proposals. Over recent years people have increasingly parked without consideration in these service areas, blocking fire exits, and preventing these areas from being used for the purpose for which they are designed for, which is servicing the shops.

We have witnessed numerous delivery vehicles being unable to get to their shops, which in turn has cost the shops loss of trade due to the stock not getting to the shelves in time. We have also witnessed delivery vehicles being trapped in a service area by careless parking, which causes the retailers great inconvenience given the timescales the drivers have to operate within.

On top of this, the careless parking has meant large vehicles being forced to manoeuvre in such a  way as to cause a danger to staff who may be entering or exiting their shop’s loading bays. It would only be a matter of time before someone was injured if the situation was left as it is now.

I don’t believe it is correct (or helpful) to try to associate these proposals with making car parking more expensive in Camberley, the reality is as described above.

Please feel free to publish this email.

Glen Fulton”


Now you have the full picture.  The changes seem completely justified.


11 thoughts on “More about parking in Camberley’s service areas

  1. Tell you what, sort out the general lack of quick and easy parking, and the fact there are fare too many taxi rank spaces, and then we can talk.

    While I agree that the shops need a service area, Camberley town center is a mis managed joke, parking is a nightmare at the best of times and the high street is dying a slow death, with parts of it resembling a shanty town.

  2. I absolutely endorse Steve,s note above. Camberley is the most user hostile town in the area. I only shop there at the last resort as the parking management is an expensive joke. The parking team at SHBC are either blind or clueless about the situation. On a recent necessary trip the queues to pay for a parking ticket were ridiculous and the taxi and numerous disabled spaces are often empty.

    • Well, both, you’ll have noticed that the Eye is no fan of Surrey Heath’s parking services. But we also hold the army view that there are no such things as bad soldiers, just bad officers….

  3. I agree completely with the previous comments. Camberley is not simply unattractive from the point of view of parking but totally off-putting. I used to shop in the town centre quite often but since the debacle of the change to restrictions along the A30 Service Road and the Council’s high handed refusal to allow appeals to the grossly unfair mass fines issued I avoid Camberley almost entirely. I feel extremely sorry for the shop keepers who must have suffered as a result of the current parking policy.

  4. Thank goodness there are quite a lot of us who are able to walk into Camberley, but I doubt there’s enough of us to keep the shops in business. We haven’t had to use the multi storeys for years, but I too noticed the dreadful queues trying to use the parking machine (they also block access to the Mall).

  5. So Glen, can you explain how delivery lorries would negotiate the very same service areas if all of the permit holder bays were 100% full of valid permit holder vehicles? Surely an obstruction is an obstruction, regardless of whether it has a permit or not. I live in Camberley and will only use The Mall it in desperation and certainly only on a Sunday when I can nip in via one of the service bays during the uncontrolled hours. I know you’re only interested in shoppers who stay a number of hours, but over Christmas I managed to spend over £2000 in about half an hour – in Aldershot! I parked for free and I didn’t have to be gassed out by the foul smell of fish from a poorly ventilated (but very popular) sushi bar either. As for the loss in trade from late deliveries – I’m sure just two cars parking in the Mall Car Park will more than cover the trade deficit caused by a rail of patterned slacks being delayed by a few minutes. #Shamberley

  6. I often use the service areas to park for trips to restaurants in the evenings and Sundays when the unpleasant hassle of using multi story car parks would keep me at home otherwise – I have NEVER ever seen a delivery lorry servicing a shop after 6pm or on Sundays so Mr Fulton’s argument seems to fall over. Perhaps he could back it up with some data?

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