Should those who abandon notices be penalised?

It was well into December when we took these photos.  Unnecessary clutter makes a mess of the town, so shouldn’t those who create it be ‘encouraged’ to remove it?  Does the borough council have the necessary powers – at the very least to name and shame?




7 thoughts on “Should those who abandon notices be penalised?

  1. But last year, months after Christmas, I reported to The Eye that a Christmas car parking sign was still up on the A30 – it was removed just hours later. So perhaps it is more appropriate for The Eye to name and same rather than a hypocritical council.

  2. Which council put the poppies up on the lampposts in early November? They are still there on Church Hill and Knoll Road, on the same posts as the Christmas lights…

    • Oh, it was a borough council decision last year, Fiona. Personally I think that a poppy that’s been on a lamppost for months loses any significance. It adds a bit of colour to dull winter days, but that’s hardly the point.

  3. I agree with Fiona. The poppies are also in Kings’ Ride. Having them on display with the festive lights and decorations seems disrespectful to the war victims. I hope also that when they are removed, we are not left with a load of cable ties.

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