Less free parking in Camberley

At the moment drivers can park for free ‘anywhere’ in the three service areas open to the public in the town, as long as it’s either after 6.00pm, or a Sunday.  This applies to both marked parking bays and to ‘kerbside’ parking – the kerbs are marked with just a single yellow line.


However, the county council intends replacing the single line with a double line, prohibiting parking at all times.  The justification is:

“Due to the many shops and restaurants remaining open after 6pm, particularly as a result of the Atrium development, parking in these service areas regularly occurs on the single yellow lines in the evenings and on Sundays. As parking in these service areas is primarily intended for business permit holders in marked bays, this increase in parking on the single yellow lines reduces the overall road space in the service areas, which is becoming increasingly problematic for large goods/delivery vehicles which frequently use them. There have been numerous incidents of large goods vehicles being unable to turn around in the service areas due to the large amount of visitors parking on the single yellow lines. Converting these to double yellow would keep parking in the marked business permit bays only and therefore free up the remaining parts of the service areas for traffic movement, which almost certainly would have been the original intention of the single yellow lines before the increase in demand for the town centre in the evenings was evident.”

If the proposal goes ahead, more people will have to park in the Atrium or Main Square car parks, making that evening or Sunday visit to the town just a little bit more expensive……

If you want to object – or support – the proposal, you can find out more here: http://goo.gl/i5ejFp


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