That was Vanilla Vapes, that was!

The former Vanilla Vapes shop in Camberley’s Park Street has acquired some smart ‘window dressing’.  We desperately need to keep that end of the road thriving, so let’s hope that someone moves in before too long.



8 thoughts on “That was Vanilla Vapes, that was!

    • Same answer as before, Steve. As far as public information is concerned, nothing has happened. The Mall has virtually ruled out developing half the London Road Block for the time being, and is proposing just a modest anchor store on the rest. That may not be the last word either. (Not least, John Lewis recently stated that on-lines sales are overtaking sales from its stores faster than anticipated. This won’t encourage investment in bricks and mortar shops, I suspect)

    • How about a nice park (not a car park)!

      I’ve always wondered how these types of shop are financed. We have had any number of hairdressers, tanning salons and now e-cigarette shops. It must be quite expensive to fit them out and generally they don’t survive very long.

      • Of course, the most ‘robust’ shops are those whose customers have to travel to them. You can’t get a haircut from eBay! Other shops are vulnerable to internet competition; they’ll be wiped out on price in many cases.
        A park would be good. But it would be local residents who’d have to pay for it, of course, as it wouldn’t have much in the way of commercial value or income. So it’s a case of getting councillors to push for it; which in turn means voting for the ‘right’ councillors next time.

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