High Street pedestrianisation – there IS a solution

As mentioned here a few days ago, it’s claimed that the council can’t pedestrianise Camberley’s High Street because delivery vehicles need access to the shops.

Well, many other towns have found a compromise.  This is a photo that we took in the Midlands recently.  (Yes, the Eye does visit lots of other towns, so we feel qualified to comment about Camberley.)  If a compromise works elsewhere, why can’t one work in Camberley??  Just keep traffic out of the road at those times when there are lots of shoppers about.  Cheap and simple to do.


Of course, people with mobility problems would have to be a special case.  We’ve covered that before: http://wp.me/p3Dlu2-1ft

If the council believes that such a solution wouldn’t work in Camberley, then it could always provide a simple explanation.  Until then, we’ll continue to criticise, and to speculate as to why nothing actually gets done.

Finally – for now – let’s record that most of our High Street shops DO have rear access already, as long as it’s only the stretch of the road from Princess Way to St George’s Road that is closed to traffic.  Kitchen Kapers is an exception – but there won’t be many, if any, others.  So what’s causing the council to drag its feet for so long?


5 thoughts on “High Street pedestrianisation – there IS a solution

  1. I’ve mentioned Newbury town centre to you in the past. They have a similar pedestrianised set up as this.

    Currently I work in Carnaby St, where vehicles are allowed in between 07:00-11:00 Mon-Sat. The stores there have a far higher stock turnover than Camberleys’ would ever have… And they cope.

    As with everything, where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s such a shame the powers that be seem to lack the will.

    • Chris, I think there’s ‘negative will’ closing the road for a few hours a week would be so easy and cheap to do that there must be a reason. – respectable or not – for not doing it

  2. I don’t think shop owners have access to the private car park behind the shops between the High St and St George’s Road, as that is used by the residents of St George’s Court. Some of the shops use it, but it is supposed to be barrier controlled, so it couldn’t really be used for deliveries, unless somebody pulled their finger out.

    Interestingly, whenever the barrier conks out, you occasionally get non-residents parking there on the sly. One such car owner had parked so monumentally stupidly that the police had to get involved. They found out where the owner of the car worked and made them move it from the entrance, where they were blocking anybody from entering or leaving.

    And where do you think that car owner worked? That’s right, the council offices.

    • Thanks again, Dominic. Both for the anecdote and for the info about the private car park access. You’re right, of course. But it would be possible – ownership permitting – to create a ‘service path’ from the existing service road to the back of the seven affected shops. Not wildly convenient for deliveries, but some of the shops in the Mall aren’t terribly convenient for deliveries either.

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