Hospital road works – and more….

The Eye attended the county council’s Local Area Committee meeting last night:


We submitted four questions:

“- the county council appears to have agreed that the condition imposed on the developer of the former Duke of York (and adjacent buildings) site to improve the junction with the Frimley Road and the A30 could be replaced by a requirement for the developer to contribute £50 000 via a Section 106 agreement.  Can the LAC confirm that £50 000 will cover the cost of the proposed highway improvements?  Also, if the condition is waived, when will the improvements actually be carried out?

– why have the roadworks in front of Frimley Park Hospital taken so long?  (I suspect this is a familiar issue, but it’s still relevant and an active matter in the ‘social media’, where an up-to-date answer would be appreciated.)

– what are the county council’s current plans for the Camberley library building?  Does that fact that the library is now closed for several months for “essential” building work mean that any significant redevelopment/reorganisation is years away?  If not, was the “essential” work – and the cost involved – really unavoidable?

– i) within the papers for the current meeting is the statement that SCC will “Consider creation of ….pedestrian priority within High Street”  But the borough council’s Local Plan 2000 states “The Borough Council will create pedestrian- friendly areas within the following streets, as shown on the Proposals Map: (a) High Street, from Princess Way to St. Georges Road; ”  Should not both councils be embarrassed that over the course of fifteen years, the only ‘progress’ has been from a definite intent to improve the lot of pedestrians to merely ‘considering’ doing something?  ii) is there any prospect of making the High Street more pedestrian-friendly before the redevelopment of the London Road Block is actually underway, or even completed, bearing in mind that the borough council’s ‘Key Priority 1 – submit a planning application’ is a year behind target, and that the proposed developer of the LRB is now suggesting a phased approach, with redevelopment of half the site described as no more than ‘an ambition’.”

We’ll report back in more detail later about the answers that we were given.  But the good news is that THE NEW ROADWAY IN FRONT OF THE HOSPITAL SHOULD BE OPEN WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!


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