The former Duke of York – here we go again….

Long-time readers of the ‘Eye’ may remember that a condition of the planning permission to redevelop the former Duke of York and adjacent sites was that the developer should improve the Frimley Road junction with the A30.  You can find more details here:


The developer’s efforts of a few months’ ago to get the condition waived seem to have failed.  But it appears that the county council has recently agreed that a suitable alternative would be for the developer to contribute £50 000 towards offsetting the impact of the new flats and their residents.

Now, we have serious doubts that £50 000 is anything like enough to fund the necessary road improvements.  We have further serious doubts that the improvements will be carried out in any reasonable timescale if the developer does not undertake them.  Accordingly, we have objected to a new planning application by the developer for the condition to be waived.  The text of our e-mail to the borough council was:

  1. “The Supporting Statement accompanying planning application does not state, or even imply, that the highway improvement is no longer needed.  Rather, it says that the county council has agreed to a commuted sum AS A CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS THE WIDER HIGHWAY PROPOSALS, thus accepting that the improvement is still required.
  2. [Should the commuted sum be accepted, and] the improvement is still required, the county council should make a commitment to carrying out the work within a timescale comparable to that required by the condition.  There is no evidence that such a commitment has been made, so there can be no confidence that the required work will actually be undertaken
  3. Nowhere does the Supporting Statement confirm that £50 000 – the proposed commuted sum – would be the approximate cost of carrying out the work.  Thus, such payment cannot be regarded as equivalent to the condition imposed when the Planning Inspector allowed the appeal, and therefore be regarded as an acceptable alternative.”

If you agree with these sentiments, you might like to e-mail similar thoughts to the borough council.  Address your e-mail to and put ‘Planning Application 15/1035  – Development Site at 371 London Road, Camberley.  OBJECTION’ on the subject line.  Alternatively, if you’re happy with the road junction as it is, take the easy option and do nothing!!

[Note.  Yes, it is the county council that has agreed that a payment of £50 000 would be an acceptable alternative to improving the junction.  But it is the borough council that has to decide on the matter.]


8 thoughts on “The former Duke of York – here we go again….

    • Exactly so, Helene. There will be about 100 flats on that site when the development is complete. That’ll add to the traffic congestion in the road when everyone leaves for work.

  1. Is there no end to the supine behaviour of SHBC when it comes to being rolled over by “developers” and others. Here in Deepcut regarding the new dwellings, I understand that there was initially a plan for quality builds with a good environmental classification ie good insulation and/or emissions footprint , but the developers squealed , and I suspect the council rolled over, so now it will be more cheap build trash. Wonder who gets all the back handers?

  2. Without this condition there will no longer be any sense of urgency and it could end up as another Toshiba roundabout/Portsmouth Road fiasco.

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