Were people scared by unsubstantiated rumours?

Both main car parks in Camberley were remarkably quiet yesterday.  Usually at this time of year queuing cars would bring the town to a halt.  Were people avoiding Camberley because of the internet rumours of terrorist action?  If so, it’s understandable, but it means that terrorists have already destroyed our way of life.  Not a happy prospect.

These photos were taken just after mid-day:

P1130428b P1130435b



13 thoughts on “Were people scared by unsubstantiated rumours?

  1. Or maybe its because Camberley town centre is slowly circling the drain? The council has failed to deliver on the regeneration promises and doesnt know what its doing.

  2. More people seem to be shopping on the internet these days. I was in Guildford on Black Friday, but it was no busier than usual.

  3. West Quays Soton was absolutely rammed and the so called German Market was better than last year. Towns have to make an effort. Yesterday was designated small independent shops day but still SHBC and Camberley didn’t react with any marketing or any improvements in accessing Camberley or free parking. As has been noted often on here Camberley is losing out big time due to complete novices running the council.

  4. Maybe the car parks were unused because people are fed up with having to pay extortionate prices for the privilege of shopping? Money for old rope: no security for your car; broken or flickering lights; queues to pay for your ticket; stairwells that smell of pee! Love to know what the greedy corporate giant car park companies actually do with the millions they get!

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