Shoe Zone under wraps – but not for much longer?

Occasionally we’ve mentioned the substantial building work going on behind the former Shoe Zone shop in Camberley’s High Street.  But not much has been visible from the front of the shop.  Indeed, for the last week or so, black plastic sheets have been taped to the inside of the windows so that nothing can be seen at all.


However, recently small white notices were also fixed to the windows.  These state ‘Opening Soon’, though there’s never been any indication of who the new occupant will be.

So the Eye has snooped a little!  We’re far from sure (don’t forget that!), but it looks like the shop could be a larger version of ‘Stacks’ – the general hardware store – on the other side of the High Street.  Time will tell whether we’re right….


3 thoughts on “Shoe Zone under wraps – but not for much longer?

    • I’d have been a bit surprised if Stacks had moved, given that they’ve only been in their current shop a few months. But it’s just that my sneaky investigation – with a high degree of uncertainty – suggested that the ‘Shoe Zone’ occupant would be a somewhat similar business.

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