A floorless performance – but oh, the sewage..

The indicator in one of the lifts operating between BHS and level 3A of Main Square Car Park in Camberley has failed.  As a result, users can’t tell where they are.  Fortunately, the choice is somewhat limited, so there’s no real risk of confusion!


However, this is a relatively trivial problem.  Because, not to beat about the bush, in the recent heavy rain the lifts STANK of sewage.  We’ve mentioned before that there must be a problem with the nearby drains, but things were worse than ever last week.

Now a bit of scaremongering.  Sewage can produce hydrogen sulphide (H2S – which smells of rotten eggs).  And, we quote…There are numerous case reports of deaths, especially among workers in the petroleum, sewage treatment, and agricultural industries. Most fatalities have occurred in relatively confined spaces (e.g. sewers, sludge tanks, cesspools, or H2S collecting in pits or dips on open land or in buildings)  Is a lift shaft a ‘confined space’??


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