A very good cause (with a sting in the tail)

We have unreserved respect for the St Vincent de Paul Society in Camberley. A relatively small number of volunteers makes a great deal of difference to needy people in the district. And we’ve just seen that they’ve moved into the shop units previously occupied by Brackendale Arts in Sparvell Way.  We wish them every success there.

But why ‘the sting in the tail’?  Well, those shops are part of the ‘London Road Block’ (the tired buildings between the High Street and Park Street, from the A30 down to Obelisk Way).  Up until recently The Mall – in effect, the owner of the current shopping centre – had been seen as the prime contender to redevelop the whole  London Road Block.  Yet those shop units, which The Mall owns, were being advertised only weeks ago as ‘To Let’ with, if we remember correctly, the offer of a five year lease.  This presumably means that The Mall had no plans to redevelop them – or the neighbouring area – for at least five years. So, anyone who’s hoping for the whole ‘block’ to be re-developed looks like having to wait a rather long time.


5 thoughts on “A very good cause (with a sting in the tail)

  1. Is it sad or defeatist that I am not surprised? A couple of years ago I had a feeling of some optimism that our council was awaking from its dormouse-like slumbers. But now, particularly with the enhancements to Bracknell and Farnborough, I fear we fallen back into hibernation.

    • If I didn’t have a copy of the Local Plan 2000, with its ‘promises’of things like pedestrianising the High Street, I might have shared your earlier optimism. But the planning process for years has concentrated on the obligation to produce plans. There’s no emphasis on DELIVERING them.

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