Borough Council says it lacks flexibility and resilience

We didn’t know whether to cheer or to jump off a tall building when we found this job advertisement recently.

SHBC head of transformation job advertisement

So the council needs to be transformed (its wording) so that it’s flexible and resilient.  Why isn’t it flexible and resilient already?  Who’s to blame?


9 thoughts on “Borough Council says it lacks flexibility and resilience

  1. One can only hope that along with the current council leader, mayor (if there is one) and some of the other deadwood, these are all removed from payroll as soon as these appts are made.

    Let them stay on in voluntary roles, but why should we pay continue to pay them after this admission?

    The admission does also reflect how absolutely ineffective local politics has made the running of SHBC.

    Could do with Alan Sugar spending a day at Knoll Rd and waggling his finger a few times:-)

    • I’m all in favour of the CE seeking cost-effective expert advice. But creating two new staff posts seems grossly over the top. Unless, that is, the organisation has been grossly mis-managed until now.

  2. If there is a genuine need for recruiting these roles into full time positions it says much about what the current Chief Executive isn’t doing as part of her role and much about the level of chaos and disorganisation that is at SHBC.
    Any commercial company that feels it needs a fresh look at what they are doing,their structures and what an effective company should look like , does not recruit a full time head but seeks a specialist consultancy that is experienced in this type of work and who works to a set budget for a specific time – this cannot be an ongoing role surely or does the lack of quality extend to all levels and the challenge would take so long it would be more cost effective to have a permanent person ?

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