Can anyone make sense of this?

Here are two photos of the same pedestrian crossing on the A30 not far from The Avenue in Camberley.  One is taken pointing towards the Meadows, the other towards the town centre.

P1120477b P1120476b

You’ll see that the ‘half’ of the pavement nearer the kerb is allocated to a two-way cycle lane.  But what do the white outlines of a cycle and a triangle, and a double dashed and a single dashed lines mean?

Having puzzled over the photos, we THINK we’ve worked out the logic.  But it’s the logic of a bureaucrat who doesn’t live in the real world. Can you do better than the Eye, and decide what the markings mean in less time that it would take to cycle past them?  Or would you, like most cyclists, ignore them as being just too confusing?

Surrey Heath is an unfriendly place for cyclists, in spite of fine words from the county council.  Only 1% of our adult population cycles frequently, and the percentage is dropping.  Now there’s a surprise…


7 thoughts on “Can anyone make sense of this?

  1. Council morons at work. ..

    I walked a length of the A30 (close to McDonalds) and just looking up and down the A30, noting copious amounts of litter and some of the crumbling buildings and barbed wire on the other side of the road , and anyone driving thru Camberley will get the impression that this is a slum town. It’s no surprise that the town is losing business and big name retail. it seems as though SHBC is completely incapable.

    • Emil, some things are outside the borough council’s control. If the owner or a major developer/retailer decides against redeveloping the crumbling buildings facing the London Road, there’s not a lot the council can do about it. But SHBC IS incapable – it is unable to recognise reality. By aiming for nonsense like turning Camberley into a ‘top 100 town’, it’s failing completely to come up with more realistic targets for what is, and always will be, a small town centre. Camberley could be a pleasant place – instead, the council is allowing it to deteriorate by default.

      • Hi.. True but quite a lot of Camberley is looking pretty shabby. Surely the council can do something? Maybe encouraging, either by competition or otherwise the smaller businesses to smarten up. Here in Frimley Green 3 newish businesses have opened up with smart frontages. They are The Nook , Embers and Truglaze (were the bike shop used to be.) All credit to them for making an effort but Camberley seems devoid of any civic pride.

      • I totally agree, Emil. I often wonder whether our council ‘management’ walks around the town and spends any time thinking about how it could be improved. Not grand plans with a timescale so long that they’re meaningless, but simple things that could be done ‘now’. I often refer to the council office drawbridge, which seems to spend most of its time firmly in the ‘up’ position. Either the inhabitants view us as lesser mortals, or they’re frightened of us. Whatever, they don’t communicate at an every-day level.

    • By and large, cyclists ignore Camberley’s cycle lanes anyway. A cycle lane has to make things easier, and not more difficult, for cyclists before it’ll be used. Lesson No. 1 for the county council – which it hasn’t started to learn yet.

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