For once, we’ll not blame the borough council!

The rubbish bin in this photo hadn’t been emptied for a while when we spotted it.  But, as it was stuck behind the hoarding around the former Holiday Autos building, we’ll let the council off the hook this time!  (Though we’re not so sure that whoever erected the hoarding in front of the bin had their brain in gear.)



The photo above was taken some while ago, and the Holiday Autos building has now gone completely.  Also, new screening has been put around the west end of the site and it’s not possible to see where the bin was any longer.  But it was still there when the demolition was almost complete, as you can see below.  It’s probably still there!



2 thoughts on “For once, we’ll not blame the borough council!

  1. Suggest you get a picture of the problems outside Frimley Park Hospital. Hardly anybody working there. Traffic queues long and many cars queuing up to get into the hospital and at the same time traffic behind cannot get by. Seems to be a blockage on the new road system by the roundabout at the entrance to the hospital. It taking so long to complete!

    • It does seem to be an appallingly badly managed project, Jack. As always, if the council -staff and councillors -don’t keep us informed, we’re entitled to think that THEY don’t know what’s happening either.

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