Camberley – Weybridge train service…..

No, we didn’t know that trains run between Camberley and Weybridge.  But National Rail Enquiries seem to imply that this is the case.  Here’s their description of our much-beloved (?) station:

Nat Rail re Camberley Station

Note “Interchange between platforms is via a level crossing at the Weybridge end of the platforms”
OK, it IS possible to travel between Weybridge and Camberley by train, of course.  But by the same argument, the text could refer to the ‘John O’Groats end of the platforms’!


5 thoughts on “Camberley – Weybridge train service…..

  1. They’ve somehow made the picture above look like a London main station, but ‘stations made easy’ certainly does not apply to Ascot or Ash Vale.

  2. Of course, it’s all very well to say that there is step free access at Camberley, but there is no disabled access at Ash Vale, and at Ascot access to platforms 2 & 3 is across the tracks (so disabled users are advised to arrive 15 minutes early), meaning that disabled passengers can’t easily get from Camberley to London even if they do board a train in Camberley.

  3. Suggest they swop/return priority in favour of Camberley to Waterloo as the direct route. This would fix their legal obligation for disabled traveller, marked increase in trains, whilst reducing the time.

    Morally this is long overdue. Reading have express line to London !
    British rail and Rt Hon Mr. Government please action immediately.

    • Giving ‘priority’ to Camberley rather than Reading trains was suggested at the February public meeting, Mike. So Network Rail and SWT – and our MP – have already heard the suggestion. But there seems to have been a lack of ‘momentum’ since then. Possibly the fact that SWT and NR have dissolved their strategic alliance since then won’t have helped

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