We’ve scratched our head over these apostrophes!

We’re a fully paid-up member of the Apostrophe Preservation Society!  So we’re challenged by this poster in Camberley’s Atrium.  The positions of the two apostrophes – one in KIDS’ and one in ADULT’S – are, arguably, both correct.  But the inconsistency between the two cases makes us suspect that the apostrophes have been dropped in pretty much at random.  Or are we being unfair?



8 thoughts on “We’ve scratched our head over these apostrophes!

  1. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt, on the basis that they probably wanted to retain the symmetry of two lines and therefore elected to drop the word “favourites” from the second one.

    They could have course have used the grocer’s exemption!

  2. Unless the bottom half of the poster represents a specific young adult’s favourite meal, the apostrophe is definitely incorrect. It also begs the question of when one stops being a “young adult”. If I, at the age of 21 3/4, go in and ask for that meal, will I be turned down?

    • I suppose that if I – a young adult (lies) – go into the restaurant on my own, the apostrophe is ok. But if I’m with similar friends, we might have problems….. perhaps we should enter one by one.

  3. The multi storey near the Library yesterday had all lifts out of order.
    I had to go to fourth floor to walk down with a child in a pushchair down Ramps battling with cars.
    Each lift on each floor told me it was out of order.
    Why not warn people that cannot do the stairs with a sign ‘before ‘ entering the Car Park ?
    The battle was doubly hard pushing the pushchair back up four floors. Fortunately the child and I survived.

    • Kathy, as you may know, I’ve been pointing out the shortcomings of the council’s parking ‘services’ for years. There must be a complete lack of interest in the council’s top ‘management’ for the situation to have existed for so long. Either that, or it’s high-level incompetence.

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