Crossrail 2 – Camberley residents could benefit

Surrey County Council has re-affirmed its support for Crossrail 2.  Well done!

SCC and Crossrail 2

You might ask, what has this got to do with Camberley?  Well, and we quote: “The proposed route will serve a wide area. Stations in Surrey, Hertfordshire and the Capital will have direct Crossrail 2 services but the benefits will be felt far beyond the route. Crossrail 2 would benefit towns and cities across the South East such as Cambridge, Portsmouth, Woking and Southampton by freeing up mainline rail routes into Waterloo and Liverpool Street. Places across the region would benefit from faster or more frequent journeys into London on both Crossrail 2 trains and National Rail services into mainline stations.”

At the moment, any substantial speeding up of Camberley’s train service would have to use the mainline that goes through Farnborough and beyond.  But that line is considered to be saturated, with no ‘spare’ capacity.  So, the forecast above that Crossrail 2 would take some of the load off mainline routes could have knock-on benefits for us.  And that’s the current proposed Crossrail 2 route;  maybe it could be made more ambitious.

You can learn a LOT more about Crossrail 2 here:  If you follow the link within that reference, you can find your way to the public consultation.


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