The answer to today’s question

Earlier we  asked whether anyone could recognise this item:


The answer’s simple:  it’s a window in the side of the ‘Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ just off the A30 in The Avenue.


The design of the building is certainly unusual.  Does anyone know why it is like it is?


2 thoughts on “The answer to today’s question

  1. Possibly so people can’t see in or the annonomous donations only ran to one storey, are the doors open like churches for the public to go in.

    • I guess that money would’ve been in short supply when the building was built. It is a very simple construction, after all. And those bulls eyes windows are probably quite sensible, given the proximity to the pavement. They don’t offer much temptation to the stone-thrower. But I don’t know about the doors being open during the day; my guess is that they aren’t, but it is only a guess.

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