Parking disappointment!

A week or two back, we got quite excited when we discovered that a meeting of the borough council would be discussing ‘improvements to parking services’ – or wording something like that.  Sadly, it turned out that the discussion would be about repairing the expansion joints at the top of Camberley’s Main Square car park.  (We can’t tell you more, as the discussions were classified as ‘confidential’, and no more details have been made public…)

P1130216b P1130215b


2 thoughts on “Parking disappointment!

  1. Don’t SHBC realize how utterly stupid and dysfunctional they appear to the local ratepayers when they plaster Confidential on issues which cannot be of any commercial or technical value to anyone else.
    It’s no wonder that compared to its neighbours the future of Camberley under the auspices of these incompetents is in full reverse.

    • Actually, Emil, I don’t think the Executive meeting agenda at which this was discussed had ANY information about the proposal. I can’t remember how I found out even the minimum – that it was about the car park expansion gaps.

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